An update on my $GPRO thesis. A low-key monopoly, growing margins + annual recurring revenue (D2C shift + subs), reduced OPEX, pricing power, new management, awesome balance sheet and healthy cashflows. Also anomalously under priced, 300% upside from here IMO.

Consumers prefer brands, products and service that do good for the planet

The next inevitable and under-priced evolution in the auto-industry is connectivity. It is also the case for industry in general. $BB will be at the core of it.

John Chen, CEO @ $BB

An intelligent worldwide audio network brewing in low-key mode


A complete and simple framework, so you can think for yourself on the matter (and potentially make some wise investments).

Spreading the vibes

An idea for a library that maps genomes to emerging biological properties, to place humanity at the wheel of evolution/life.

Photo by Akin on Unsplash

map(genome=>biological emergence)

The basic building blocks to invest like a pro.

Photo by Mathieu Stern on Unsplash

Organizations that excel in data science are going to see their productivity compound exponentially. The current tech sell-off presents a meaningful long term opportunity.

Power stems from capitalizing on the invisible, long term trends


Palantir’s CEO, David Karp

Antonio Linares

Investor, Technologist. Post opinions, not financial advice. Do your own research. Follow me at TW:alc2022

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