An update on my $GPRO thesis. A low-key monopoly, growing margins + annual recurring revenue (D2C shift + subs), reduced OPEX, pricing power, new management, awesome balance sheet and healthy cashflows. Also anomalously under priced, 300% upside from here IMO.

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GoPro is perhaps the most unobvious turnaround story that we have seen in a while. Not because it is complex to understand what is going on within the company, but because investors across the board seem to be allergic to it. Try pitching GoPro to anyone and see the average reaction. This is what is keeping many from looking under the hood— the kind of dynamic that generates fantastic opportunities in the market. Meanwhile, the…

We need the economy to progress as a species, but we also need nature to thrive. Crypto can allow us to have both.

Note: I´ve moved to SubStack. I´ll still be posting things on Medium occasionally , but now you can find most of my new work here.

Consumers prefer brands, products and service that do good for the planet

For years, I have been studying the economy and nature (amongst other things). Some time ago I reached the conclusion that tying the two together was necessary, because the economy is much needed for the advance of our species, but so is nature. The economy is arguably the backbone of human enlightenment…

The next inevitable and under-priced evolution in the auto-industry is connectivity. It is also the case for industry in general. $BB will be at the core of it.

John Chen, CEO @ $BB

Note: I´ve moved to SubStack. I´ll still be posting things on Medium occasionally , but now you can find most of my new work here.

Part 1: $BB is coming out of no where, in the eyes of the market. Multiples are catching up.

Part 2: $BB´s QNX is / will be the core of the auto industry 2.0.

Part 3: $BB´s technologies very un-obviously form the basis for Industry 4.0.

FYI: I am long $BB since 20/01/2021. IMO, $BB will 100x by 2025.

The Blackberry I will be discussing likely has nothing to do with the one you once…

A complete and simple framework, so you can think for yourself on the matter (and potentially make some wise investments).

Spreading the vibes

With the onset of the pandemic it has become crucial to have at least a basic degree of knowledge on genomics and proteomics. We are currently at war with a cunning organism that inhabits in this genomic/proteomic realm. We can only defeat it within its realm and meanwhile, most of the population is completely unaware of the rules of the game that define this strange molecular space. Many media outlets are leveraging this information arbitrage to monetize the fear and doubt of their audiences, politicians are free to implement unscientific policies that wreak havoc and markets are confused. This can…

An idea for a library that maps genomes to emerging biological properties, to place humanity at the wheel of evolution/life.

Photo by Akin on Unsplash

This year I have come to the conclusion that the molecule is the new bit, because now we can read and edit the code of life, thanks to advances in genome sequencing and editing. This means we now have a platform to co-create with nature. Over the coming decades, we have a shot at eliminating illness and restoring and preserving the health of our planet, if only we can gather the appropriate data. We also need to make sure we pay attention to all the ethical concerns involved.

map(genome=>biological emergence)

The raw material for this revolution will be biological information. We need…

A brief guide into and out of an existential crisis, towards more inner peace, love and compassion.

Photo by Juliana Kozoski on Unsplash


In the past decade or so I have made a sport of getting into and coming out of existential “crises”- periods during which I intensely reflect on the mystery of our existence. When I first experienced them, at around the age of 8, they were greatly confusing and disencouraging. Twenty years later, I can see clearly that every time I have engaged in one of these cosmic dances between my mind (and other aspects of myself) and the universe, I have emerged more compassionate, peaceful and all loving. …

The basic building blocks to invest like a pro.

Photo by Mathieu Stern on Unsplash

I believe that if a larger % of our society were invested in the markets, our society would function better. Our incentives would be more alligned and we could achieve more efficient levels of cooperation — which is ultimately what the economy is about. In this post, I will share with you 4 books that kick started my investment journey and that enabled me to build a strong foundation. The more people read these books, the better the world will be. The more you take them in, the wealthier and more alligned you will be with the world.

Before we…

Organizations that excel in data science are going to see their productivity compound exponentially. The current tech sell-off presents a meaningful long term opportunity.

Power stems from capitalizing on the invisible, long term trends

Over the last few days I have been reading Peter Drucker´s “Post-Capitalism Society”. It´s a very thought provoking book, but the most relevant aspect (in my brain, today) is the overview it gives of the evolution of productivity over the last couple of centuries. Productivity is the sort of thing we all hear about, but that you have to zoom out a couple of centuries to really understand, because it evolves in the background and quite slowly compared to our rather short term impulses and thoughts. “The Clock of the Long Now” by Stewart Brand talks about the importance of…

A look into potentially the greatest platform of human history.

Note: I´ve moved to SubStack. I´ll still be posting things on Medium occasionally , but now you can find most of my new work here.

Since this autumn, I have been studying molecular biology as I have been working on blockchain related matters, amongst other topics. I´m sharing my main takeaways on this post, as it refers to the upcoming genomics and proteomics revolution and how to invest in it.


Genomics is essentially the study of the genome: the information that guides the evolution of all known living creatures. The…

Palantir could kick off the adoption of AI and Blockchain across industry, by enabling organizations to create digital twins that these technologies can be deployed on, completely changing the way companies function.

Palantir’s CEO, David Karp

Note: I´ve moved to SubStack. I´ll still be posting things on Medium occasionally , but now you can find most of my new work here.

I have been eyeing Palantir recently. As with other tech companies, I find that the time that I spend working with different technologies has helped me understand what Palantir is all about very quickly. You see, we hear the tech buzzwords “AI” and…

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