We need the economy to progress as a species, but we also need nature to thrive. Crypto can allow us to have both.

Consumers prefer brands, products and service that do good for the planet

For years, I have been studying the economy and nature (amongst other things). Some time ago I reached the conclusion that tying the two together was necessary, because the economy is much needed for the advance of our species, but so is nature. The economy is arguably the backbone of human enlightenment, but nature brings us joy, connection and health. About a year ago, I realized that people worldwide are willing to pay more for products that…

The next inevitable and under-priced evolution in the auto-industry is connectivity. It is also the case for industry in general. $BB will be at the core of it.

FYI: I´m still working on the post, but $BB is moving so fast and people are so curious about it that I´m posting it as I work on it.

John Chen, CEO @ $BB

Part 1: $BB is coming out of no where, in the eyes of the market. Multiples are catching up.

Part 2: $BB´s QNX is / will be the core of the auto industry 2.0.

Part 3: $BB´s technologies very un-obviously form the basis for Industry 4.0.

Part 4: The boring financial stuff.

FYI: I am long $BB since 20/01/2021. IMO, $BB will 100x by 2025.

The Blackberry I will be discussing…

A look into potentially the greatest platform of human history.

In the last few years, I have become increasingly fascinated by the world we live in. For me, part of living in this space has been the realization that we are biological machines that run a very specific programming language: genomics. Since this autumn, I have been studying molecular biology as I have been working on blockchain related matters, amongst other topics. I´m sharing my main takeaways on this post, as it refers to the upcoming genomics and proteomics revolution and how to invest in it.


Genomics is essentially the…

Palantir could kick off the adoption of AI and Blockchain across industry, by enabling organizations to create digital twins that these technologies can be deployed on, completely changing the way companies function.

Palantir’s CEO, David Karp

I have been eyeing Palantir recently. As with other tech companies, I find that the time that I spend working with different technologies has helped me understand what Palantir is all about very quickly. You see, we hear the tech buzzwords “AI” and “blockchain” a lot, but there are a lot of questions about how these technologies are going to drive the GDP needle. …

Understanding one of the defining platforms of our lifetimes.

Summary: I´m going long on $eth because I believe it represents a far bigger opportunity than Bitcoin. IMO, the adequate way to invest in $eth is a portfolio of 70% $eth and 30% on emergent blockchain projects.

Welcome to the roller coaster

Since last autumn I have been working on developing blockchain skills. Mostly because I believe that the future that blockchains will bring about is understated. Trust is an integral component of our society and blockchains now enable us to trust a computer, instead of trust each other. Sounds strange? Consider the following strange remark: thoughts have a price. Why do I say this…

A brief exploration of a potentially very large use case of Ethereum, including the full technical implementation. Posting as I work on it.


There are two technologies that I think are going to be defining of our time. One is deep learning and the other is blockchain. I have spent a couple of years deep diving into deep learning. Despite its magic (its the first technology that has “fallen” on humanity´s lap, without us fully understanding how it works), it is hard to create value with it without being part of a larger organization, because you need a lot of…

Your smartphone is now your bank branch.

Part 1- Payment apps tap into our primal reciprocal instincts. This enables viral growth — low customer acquisition costs.

Part 2- Payment app user bases are growing fast.

Part 3- Market conditions are not entirely favourable to invest in this thesis today. I am waiting for some P/S ratio convergence between old and new banks.

Part 1- Payment apps tap into our primal reciprocal instincts. This enables viral growth — low customer acquisition costs.

Some time ago I read about the Principle of Reciprocity, which is a psychological concept that outlines how we humans have a tendency to be reciprocal to each other. This principle permeates our lives to a far deeper extent than it seems initially and makes…

I´m currently building my first DApp on the Ethereum network. I am seeing a technology that´s going to form the basis of trade, worldwide. Since the world´s economy is built on trade; ETH/USD>80k

Part 1: Understanding Ethereum and Tokenization. Tokenization = Internet of Value

Part 2: Ethereum is Coming for All of the World´s Exchanges. Tokenization leads to faster, cheaper and safer value transfer: more efficient trading.

Part 3: Ethereum Network Metrics and DeFi (decentralized finance)

Part 4: How to Build a DApp.

Work in progress

I am going to be posting about this as I work on it. I am focusing most of my efforts on finishing the DApp now.

Understanding Ethereum and Tokenization

Before getting on with Ethereum at the code level, I had read a far bit about it but I was never able to really understand…

The data value chain will revolutionize our economies and our lives. Understanding it deeply will help in making great investments, such as $BB and $AMD.

Part 1: Understanding deep learning and predictions.

Part 2: The data value chain.

src: Alec Monopoly, with an AI twist

Part 1: Understanding deep learning and predictions.

I have previously discussed how advances in information and energy may very well define our history as a civilization, in this post about Spotify. I have been reflecting further on this matter and now I see with clarity that in fact our recently gained ability to produce, store and process data in vast amounts actually represents a leap for us as a species. …

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