Understanding Palantir’s Potential

Antonio Linares
5 min readApr 20, 2021

Palantir could kick off the adoption of AI and Blockchain across industry, by enabling organizations to create digital twins that these technologies can be deployed on, completely changing the way companies function.

Palantir’s CEO, David Karp

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I have been eyeing Palantir recently. As with other tech companies, I find that the time that I spend working with different technologies has helped me understand what Palantir is all about very quickly. You see, we hear the tech buzzwords “AI” and “blockchain” a lot, but there are a lot of questions about how these technologies are going to drive the GDP needle. In the remainder of this post, I am going to breakdown how I believe Palantir could very well kick start the generalized adoption of AI and blockchain technologies across industry, resulting in better overall business performance for its customers and ultimately, in a solid business for itself.

Palantir Creates Digital Twins

What Palantir actually does is allow you to create a digital twin / model of your organization. That means that it allows you to create a digital representation of any business process that you choose, that changes as the underlying reality evolves.

If you are not familiarized with AI (deep learning), I suggest you read this post. Basically, the AI we have today is like correlation functions but on steroids. It learns to associate things happening in the world with the most likely outcomes. For instance, it may learn that when some part of the supply chain slows down by 5%, but another part speeds up by 3% and then it starts to rain in a certain location, it would be best to delay the transportation of a specific batch of raw material by 10 minutes, because this would decrease costs.

As a deep learning algorithm (or rather, a set of them) begins to learn different correlations of this sort, by taking action based on what the algorithm recommends, one can come to a considerable optimization of goals. However, most companies operate in an analog environment today and AI algorithms operate in virtual environments. The only way to truly apply AI in your company is by creating a digital twin of it, that



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